Meeting Woman Or Man At Your Favorite Clubs


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3. Where will you meet? This will probably be determined by when you meet but some possible options are a library, restaurant, someones home, a community centre or a café. Wherever you go, make sure that it is not too noisy so that everyone can hear what others are saying.

4. Work out how you will choose what to read. Will you take it in turns to pick? This could work well if people have time to go searching for stories. Will you work from a book of short stories? Bear in mind with this that some people will read ahead. You could subscribe to a short story service like espresso Fiction and receive a new short story every Tuesday which you can discuss. The benefit of this is that the onus to plan ahead doesnt fall on any one person and saves time.

So youve now got the rules organised, how will you get a discussion going? The best way to do this is to structure each meeting along similar lines. A rough outline follows:

  • Meet at a set time and allow a few minutes for everyone to catch up with each other
  • Spend 15 minutes reading the story
  • When everyone is finishedFeature Articles, go around in turn and have each person say what they liked or disliked about the story
  • Run through a standard list of questions:
    • Did the opening grab your attention?
    • Was the ending satisfying? Did it derive from the story or did it feel too left field?
    • Was it well written?
    • How was the pace of the story? Were there any dead spots?
    • Was there any padding that didnt contribute to the telling of the story or development of the characters?
  • Finally ask each person to give the story a rating out of ten. One being terrible and ten being outstanding. You can then add the scores together and divide by the number of people attending to give an average score.


Jill Brennan, an experienced writer, editor and mother of 2 young boys, created espresso Fiction to help time-poor fiction lovers get a regular hit of quality fiction that they could read in 15 minutes or less and still feel satisfied.  To learn more about getting great fiction home delivered, go to

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