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How To Paint Your Car With Ease by Paul Thomas

Ready to spray

Make sure you have prepared the surface of your car first. Most suppliers provide you with a piece of specially coated poster board paper called a spray out card or test panel. Paint this card first to determine color match. There is nothing you can do once the automotive paint is on your car. You are ready to spray when all high quality solvents have been added to the paint to assure high performance. Avoid dry times, sanding times, flash times, or any other directions that may cause poor performance.

One part Acrylic Lacquer Primer

It is the easiest automotive paint to use. When you are ready to spray, shake it up and stir it with a paint stick. Strain it with a strainer right in to the gun cup, a recommended tip size is 1.4. Now create a slow build one coat at a time. Afterwards, wet sand with 600 water sand-paper.

2 part Urethane Primer

This is catalyzed automotive paint, so do not let it sit in the gun for too long. You should clean your paint gun immediately to prevent damage. Sand with 600 sandpaper. This automotive paint product has the best adhesion; a recommended tip size is 2.0. All solvent is added, with just a small amount of primer catalyst hardener provided. Mix this together in a separate plastic cup. Use 3 coats, and wait 10 minutes between each coat. It is best to wait over night to wet sand.
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