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Exactly the same thought takes place in a business relationship because initial impressions count. Nevertheless how many English speakers who are building relationships with non English speaking countries take the time to learn hello or goodbye in the language. Even fewer bother to learn a few pleasantries and use them on the phone or face to face. The person who does that will stick out from the crowd and become human. It helps build and improve a relationship.

There is no need to become fluent in all the different languages that your customers speak. It is not possible and anyway English is recognized as the international language of business, but it is useful to remember that learning enough of a language to exchange pleasantries breaks through barriers and opens doors which might otherwise remain closed.

Clever use of some words and phrases in languages other than English is going to improve your personal relationships with foreign clients, and you can download a free demo of langauge software from to help you do this in a range of languages.

About the Author

Frank Middleton is a freelance author and writes occasional articles for a site dedicated to the achievable goal of learning simple foreign words and phrases.

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