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  • Win More Chess Games Using the Ancient 36 Strategies
    Of course, real chess masters apply tactics against their enemies away from as well as on the chess board. Boris Spassky was reportedly a master at keeping a poker face during games, so that his opponents didn't know whether he was feeling good or bad about his moves, his position or his plans. However, Bobby Fischer made so many demands during their famous tournament that he was able to Provoke Strong Emotion.

  • Playing with or against Chess Software: This you've got to try!
    Chess software in this category is designed to improve visualization and move calculation skills in Chess. These are basic essential skills that need to be honed in order to move from being an amature to a master.

  • A Parental Game Of Chess
    Peers will always teach our kids both good and bad. But the ultimate responsibility lies with us at home, with parents helping children to recognize which habits are worth keeping, and those that should be put into a permanent "checkmate".

  • Chess - Its Origins And Development
    According to Josten, chess did not spring fully developed into existence in 600 AD but evolved over the first two or three centuries of the first millenium -- in particular between 50 BC and 200 AD. This development took place in a number of places -- India, China, and all along the Silk Road to Europe -- and each of the areas would have influenced the others.

  • An Introduction to Chess Sets
    People have been playing chess for many centuries. No one knows for sure where or when it originated, but it is known that people in Persia, India, and China played chess in the Middle Ages. The game spread to the Middle East next, then to Spain and the rest of Europe. It is very likely that the game pieces were altered once the game spread through Europe to take on the forms that they currently have.

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