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  • The Year of the Hybrid
    Other than a few laggards, most people can see the virtues of owning a hybrid. Great fuel economy, fewer emissions, and the warm fuzzy feeling that goes with doing something good for Mother Nature. The acceptance of hybrids is long overdue but like many great inventions, we're only now seeing the potential. I wonder what those industry pundits have to say?

  • Car Care
    A car is like a patient – it needs a good doctor. If you are not very handy with cars, have one official mechanic service your car regularly. The mechanic will be able to develop a familiarity with your car and be able to recommend the correct preventive and diagnostic care it needs. What\'s more, you can probably get a lot of discounts from mechanics if you are a repeat customer!

  • Fuel Efficiency and Losses in Car Designs
    Another very significant loss is through the engine itself. The internal combustion engine of gasoline-powered vehicles is very inefficient. Over 62.4% of the fuel's energy is lost through the engine combustion process of converting the fuel's chemical energy to mechanical energy. Energy is lost to engine friction, pumping of air into and out of the engine, and removing the wasted heat.

  • Do Fuel Saving Devices Really Work?
    Stay within posted speed limits. The faster you drive, the more fuel you use. For example, driving at 65 miles per hour (mph), rather than 55 mph, increases fuel consumption by 20 percent. Driving at 75 mph, rather than 65 mph, increases fuel consumption by another 25 percent.

  • How To Paint Your Car With Ease
    It is the easiest automotive paint to use. When you are ready to spray, shake it up and stir it with a paint stick. Strain it with a strainer right in to the gun cup, a recommended tip size is 1.4. Now create a slow build one coat at a time. Afterwards, wet sand with 600 water sand-paper.

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