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Boxing Equipment for your Health by David S

Boxing is a sport that's popular throughout the world. It is often misunderstood as simply fighting, but there are vast health benefits to the aerobic workout you get from boxing. It is important that when you decide to take up the sport of boxing you invest in solid, durable boxing equipment that will protect you and your opponent while you train.

One of the primaries of boxing equipment is, of course, gloves. You can get professional fight gloves for fighting, training gloves and bag gloves all for the different aspects of the sport.

Professional fighting gloves conform to the shape of your fist to attain maximum comfort, support and grip. They are commonly made out of soft, top-grade leather for durability and comfort. Underneath the leather is foam—sometimes three different foams, to promote metacarpal and knuckle safety while still maintaining your punch’s full power.

Training gloves are designed for training. While they are similar to professional fighting gloves, training gloves are often easier to get into—meaning you will normally not need a trainer to lace them up so that they are worn properly.

Bag gloves come in a wide variety but are a necessity when training with a punching bag. There are different gloves for heavy bags and speed bags. Speed bag gloves are lighter and do not have as much padding, as they are used primarily for a speed bag and do not require a lot of protection.

Your boxing equipment wouldn’t be complete without punch mitts—for the most serious of boxing trainers. These pads are worn by a sparring partner while the opponent hits the moving pads wearing boxing gloves. You can also invest in body protectors and body shields.

Headgear is also an equally important facet of boxing equipment. You can choose open face or full-face protectors in a variety of materials and colors. Traditional style headgear provides padding on all four sides for durability and shock absorbency. They provide additional ear protection with new, technologically advanced air-release ear channels to relieve excessive air pressure.

Mouth guards are another important aspect of equipment for boxing. These important pieces absorb shock and are quite comfortable on contact points in the mouth. They protect the teeth and tongue during a fight. while higher end mouthguards also protect shock to the brain resulting from jarring of the jaw.

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