Meeting Woman Or Man At Your Favorite Clubs


  • The Power of a Book
    The important message here is that a book will substantiate who you are even if you say you are in the process of writing the book and it is not published yet. If you do say that, make sure you give a publication date that is realistic and that you can accomplish. Do not go talk about or mention such items unless you are serious as it may put your business relationships in jeopardy.

  • Not Another Book Club
    Work out how you will choose what to read. Will you take it in turns to pick? This could work well if people have time to go searching for stories. Will you work from a book of short stories? Bear in mind with this that some people will read ahead. You could subscribe to a short story service like espresso Fiction and receive a new short story every Tuesday which you can discuss. The benefit of this is that the onus to plan ahead doesnt fall on any one person and saves time.

  • Exploring Book Notes
    When it comes time to write your own paper, having already covered the reading and the summary, you will have at your disposal an array of ideas on which you can form the foundation of your paper. Rare is the occasion that you will be assigned an essay which corresponds perfectly to the ideas covered in the book note, so it is up to you to come up with many of your own ideas.

  • Selling Your Book to Book Clubs
    There are many categories of book clubs, so be sure to submit your title only to the appropriate clubs. Do not send your book to every book club that you can find. Each club’s membership has specific interests so be sure to submit your book only to clubs that might buy—you will again increase your chance of being selected.

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