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Biker's Revelations by Maricon Williams

I have loved motorcycles from the moment I have mounted on it and roam around the neighborhood. Even though it has caused me several falls, bruises and injuries still, I consider it as a passion. I like the feel of dominion. The way I can control power and speed. Learning to control something that was, at first, frightening is satisfying.

Learning to control the motorcycle involves both physical and mental prowess. To make turns, rider must lean forward to fight the forces of acceleration and lean backward to fight the forces of deceleration. Concentration is likewise essential so as to focus on the road and other factors that may affect the ride.

Knowing the needs of the bike and knowing your own needs is a good starting ground. The bike must be treated as an extension of the rider's mind and body. It must respond to the rider's command and will.

Motorcycles are universally appealing. Young and old alike are fascinated by the thrill and fun that they are offering. It is different to riding cars in the sense that the involvement with the machine brings greater joy to riders. Involvement makes it more addicting. It is as if you are riding with a vehicle equipped with manual transmission. Whatever the consequences of your command are, you will also be part of it.

Your body, your mind are united to achieve a goal and a destination. If those objectives are met, no matter how hard the journey, no matter how perilous the adventure was, it still pays off when you get it!

Skilled riders come in waves. Some young amateurs are now even replacing the guys on top. However, the latter will not put up an easy battle. I am seeing a brighter future in the riding community...

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