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  • Necessary Mountain Biking Equipment
    All these pieces of equipment are designed to be light weight and easily stored on your bike. Never risk traveling far from help without then because being prepared with the right mountain biking equipment can save you many hours of frustration.

  • Mountain Bike Reviews - Finding a Trustworthy Source
    Ask as many questions as you possibly can – but try not to keep irritate them by keeping them from enjoying their ride. After speaking with them – or before – sit back and watch them ride. You aren’t watching their technique – although that may be interesting – what you want to watch for is how well the bike handles. Seeing the bike in action is the second best review that you can possibly have – the first best review you can get is your very own review!

  • Embedded in the Ride
    On a bike you are embedded in the world. You know you're on a machine - and you are on it not wrapped up inside it. You are embedded in the machine, you're the bike's intelligence and your whole body is involved in making it all work. This is very different than driving a car (racers excepted, of course).

  • Biker's Revelations
    Skilled riders come in waves. Some young amateurs are now even replacing the guys on top. However, the latter will not put up an easy battle. I am seeing a brighter future in the riding community...

  • Mountain Biking – Great Exercise and Fun
    Selecting your bike is a personal choice and contingent on the type of riding you will do. Bikes come in all different styles, shapes, and prices, therefore selecting the perfect one for you can be difficult. Again, do some internet research or venture out to do some comparison-shopping before you get ready to make a purchase.

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