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  • Astronomy Telescope- Seeing Stars With Your Children
    Reflective, Refractive, or Compound? These terms refer to the types of lenses and the way that the images are collected. A reflective scope uses mirrors to collect light and focus the images while a refractive uses curved glass lenses, and the compound astronomy telescope uses a combination of the two.

  • Astrology and You
    Western Astrology emphasizes the relationship of the Sun to the earth and the seasons and is referred to as "tropical astrology". The position of the Sun at the time of birth plays a very important role in this principle, and hence the general advice columns or predictions published in newspapers and magazines.

  • Man In The Moon
    Astronomy is a valuable tool. It raises pubic awareness of science through education and introduces scientific concepts and the process of scientific thinking to students at all levels.

  • Galactic Mystery - Matter - On the Dark Side
    Several different contending theories have been developed to describe the observed galactic data. In particular, one of the main competing explanations is given by scalar tensor theories which try to combine the teachings of quantum mechanics with gravity. Amplifying these ideas leads to a variety of exotic ideas which challenge our most fundamental notions of physics and astronomy.

  • Internet Astronomy
    With the Hubble Telescope we now have access to the most unbelievable pictures imaginable: galaxies, nebulae and millions of stars close up. You don’t need to buy a book or DVD to see this stuff, just sit down at your computer and let the Internet take you on a galactic journey.

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