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Astrology and You   by Runa Chatterji

To most of us today, Astrology means the daily, weekly or monthly free horoscope predictions published in newspapers and magazines according to the Zodiac Sign under which we were born. So let's say you are an Aires since you were born between March 20th and April 21st of any given year. Does that mean that the same predictions that apply to you, can also apply to half a billion people in the world and that all people born under the Aries sign will have the same things apply to them?

Obviously not-so what is Astrology? And how does it affect you?

The term astrology is derived from the Greek words astron and logos, which literally means "stars" and "study". Legitimate astrology is founded on logical observation and deductive reasoning and is not superstition or magic. It is a body of knowledge or science that charts the positions of the planets at the exact time and place of a person's birth and determines the overall effect of celestial electromagnetic forces on a given individual's personality and behaviours throughout the course of his or her lifetime based on thousands of years of cumulative research. It is this study of planetary positioning at the time of a person's birth that allows astrologers to predict the future, for instance, an intensive study of a person's birth chart would allow an astrologer to predict horoscope love match by birthdate.

It is a proven fact that celestial bodies that make up our solar system affect life on Earth. The ocean tides are the result of the gravitational pull exerted by the Moon as it revolves round the Earth. In the same way human beings are electrochemical beings and are subtly and profoundly affected by any changes in the solar system's electromagnetic field. There are studies even by the philosopher Carl G. Jung on this subject.

Astrology is not a young science. In fact, astrology gave birth to the more modern science of astronomy, as astrologers were the first scientists to document the planet's motions with mathematical accuracy. The oldest written documents of astral observations were discovered in India and China and are over five thousand years old.
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